Make Your Food POP


Food is more than just, well, food. It brings people together, gathered around the table to make memories. Good-lookin’ food makes us drool like a leaking tap, but answer us this. Even if both meals taste just as good, would you order the blurry photographed burger that looks like a dog’s dinner, or the one that’s sitting confidently on a well-garnished plate, shining and glistening with nostalgic culinary colours? Us too, because THAT’S the power of photography…


At Chris Mattana Photography, we are passionate about capturing food in all its mouth-watering glory – whetting your customers’ appetites from afar. We’ll get your audience excited about your dishes before they even set mouth through your door, through professional food photography for social media. After all, your phone is the one thing people never leave home without, and by putting your food right in front of their eyes, they’ll have no choice but to take more than a digital bite…

 So, why Chris Mattana Photography? There are plenty of food photographers in Perth, right? Sure…but do THEY promise delicious service and guaranteed satisfaction? Do they move mountains (and meatloaf) to make your dishes look irresistible through the lens? Will they do whatever it takes to help you grow your audience, and turn hungry customers into loyal patrons?


Ficus Restaurant -47Ficus Restaurant -47


Founded by an authentic Italian foodie and professional food photographer, Chris Mattana Photography CAN and WILL cut the mustard and showcase your café, deli, bar, restaurant, food-truck, or other food-related business as the big cheese of your hood. Once we’ve captured the perfect high-resolution photos, we’ll fork through them and cherry-pick the perfect bunch for you to explore in your own private online gallery (just 2 days after the shoot).


Ficus Restaurant -22Ficus Restaurant -22

Use your noodle - choose Chris Mattana Photography for professional social media food photography in Australia, from Perth to Brisbane. DM for more.


 Buon Appetito!